Twisted Vine Wine Tours, LLC Owner Clint Hoiland talking about wine during a tour

My name is Clint Hoiland.  I wasn’t always interested in wine.  After talking with people, I realize that I had the same experience that most have:  I bought a couple wines from the grocery store, and they were terrible!  So, I figured I wasn’t a “wine guy.”  That changed when my brother had a surprise wedding in the Napa Valley in 2002 (that’s a story for another day!)  We went to so many incredible wineries, and tasted mind-blowing wines.  It was like a whole new world was opening in front of my eyes.  I was hooked!  I began learning everything I could get my hands on about wine and wine history.  And, of course, tasting!  Figuring out what varietals, and wineries, were my favorite.

My friends and family started asking me for recommendations on wine, and asking wine related questions.  Three years ago, I was speaking to one of the local winery owners in their vineyard, and she recommended that I start a wine tour company.  Loving the local area, having grown up here, and being a natural storyteller, I began crafting a tour that would be one that I would want to go on.  My spouse, two children, and I have traveled the world, and we always take a tour.  Having a local talk to you about what you’re seeing, smelling, and tasting makes lifetime memories.  I want that for the clients who go on my tour, and what better way to explore the Lewis-Clark Valley, than through wine?  It’s the perfect compliment!

I buy wine, not only because I like it, but because I want to hear about where it was grown.  Who the winemaker is, and what inspires them.  What is the history and culture of the area?  When I am having a dinner party, and the conversation tapers off, talking about the wine is a perfect way to get the conversation going again.  And what a way to wow your friends!  I have established a close relationship to each of the winery owners, so that I can provide to my guests special access and treatment that the general public can’t get.  I have learned the backstory and the behind-the-scene’s information to pull back the curtain.   And what a story it is, because each of these wineries continue to receive prestigious awards at competitions.

I am absolutely tickled to have the opportunity to help people discover the amazing Lewis-Clark AVA, and all that the Lewis Clark Valley has to offer.  I have tailored a tour service that emphasizes those characteristics that I would want if we went on a tour:  Excellent service, great wines, and flawless delivery.  I know that you will come to love the gateway to the Hells Canyon as much as I do.